Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tubemate: simple youtube downloader

Tired of watching fav videos online after a long time browsing?? Tubemate is the right app for you....with tubemate,u cn download any youtube videos....really usefull...
Get it here:

Monday, 16 April 2012

Fruit ninja : Puss In Boots...

Cut it left. Cut it right. Letz get the action started.....fruit ninja puss in boots is a way better than the classic fruit ninja game.....itz awesome...get it here

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Qur'an android

this is for all muslim buddies....letz do something gud with our phone...the whole quran in just one app.recite it yourself or listen the recitation of famous recitors.just download the apk from:


Tuesday, 3 April 2012


hey,,guyzz,,last time , i posted a tutorial about rooting your phone.....this time , i'm posting the tutorial to unroot your phone so that you can get your warranty back.........this process is also just the same as rooting,,,,,the PROCEEDURE MUST BE DONE CAREFULLY...

Tutorial -
1) Download the file here - LINK
2) Now copy this file into the root folder of your phone's SD Card
3) Switch off your device and restart it into recovery mode using the following key combination Volume UP + Home Button + Power Button
4) You will find your phone in recovery mode with blue coloured UI. You cannot use touchscreen while your phone is in recovery mode.
For making selections and movements, you have to make use of volume up/down keys and make the selection by pressing home key.

5) In the recovery mode menu, there is an option 'apply update from sdcard' Select it.
6) Choose the pasted and click on "yes".
7) After the patching of that file, you will be back to the menu, and there it's written "reboot system now". Select it.
8) After the reboot, go to phone's main menu and if you are able to find the "SuperUser" App on it, but once you click it you will notice that it doesn't work anymore, (You can verify it by opening any rooting needed app like Chainfire3D)

Well guys now that you have finally unrooted your phone Samsung Galaxy Y, it will now be impossible for you to run the HD games

if you want a video tutorial,here you go:  :the credit of making the video tutorial goes to sanved tapkeer, the admin of another blog...........