Tuesday, 30 October 2012

【Android】UC Browser U3 Kernel Beta English

New Features: Intelligent Page
Redendring: You will like the website,
Browsing richer and more beautiful.
Smooth Zoom: automatic fold line
layout, support for multi-touch, www
and wap pages free to zoom,
intelligent layout automatically adjust
according to Screen Size Read mode:
eliminating the need for trublesome
operation, page intelligent splicing
page, entire contents of next page at
the bottom on same page, you can
read in the history of management
records Forum mode: intelligently
detected & Forum page convert
suitable for mobile phones and other
small-screen mobile terminal
browser page, more provincial traffic, faster Figure mode: First flip-picture browsing, panoramic, Long press on picture, click to see pictures in zoom
Night mode: night mode, greatly
reduce the brightness of the page, to
protect your eyes.
Functional Optimization : 【Smooth
Browsing】: Kernel further optimized
and improved rendering efficiency,
solved swiping lags,  smooth
browsing,  to give lightning speed
browsing. 【Enhanced Stability】:
stability was significantly improved to effective solution to Background
crash, feel relaxed, no worries. 【UI
Optimization】: UI details further
optimized, So use of browser now
more beautiful! you will Fall in love
with your browser. Download :-
Click Here

Monday, 1 October 2012

Contract Killer HD

Get ready to be a contract killer...comes with awesome graphics..I bet you will like it..
              no rooting, no chainfire
Get it here :
                            APK : LINK
                   SD DATA : LINK
*extract the data file and you will get a folder. In that folder, there will be a folder named com.flu.gladiator.ck ..place this folder in /sdcard/android/data/ *
Description :
Enforcer or Assassin, call it what
you like - you're a CONTRACT
They might call you an enforcer, or
an assassin. Call it what you like -
Pulled into a world of bounty
hunters, mobsters and criminals,
you must check in with your
contacts and accept SECRET
MISSIONS that only you can
handle. Select your WEAPON OF
CHOICE from an inventory of sniper
rifles, assault rifles and machine
guns. Locate your target, zoom in,
take aim and GO FOR THE
HEADSHOT to earn cold hard cash.
You might eliminate a crime boss
and escape without being spotted,
or you might walk straight into an
Prepare for your mission and then
jump into one of many vantage
points within 5 gritty 3D locations
17 Story Missions and unlimited
Random Missions provide cash, XP
and lots of action
20 distinct weapons including
handguns, sniper rifles, machine
guns and assault rifles
Use the Tranquilizer Gun to
capture your target or put them
down... permanently

Greedy Spiders 2

Save the poor little bugs from the webs of cruel greedy spiders...a cool game to play with your brain...install the apk and enjoy

Get it here :

                          APK : LINK

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien : Xenodrome 3D

And now here is the long awaited game from ben 10 series...it's the time for you to "save the whole entire universe" ...comes with pretty cool graphics...
Get it here :
                          LINK : APK
                    NEEDS ROOT
1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y or
any QVGA ARMv6 android device
and install chainfire 3D
2. Download and install the apk
3. Open chainfire 3D and select
'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick
both 'reduce texture quality' and
'reduce texture size' options.. Now,
select 'use plugin' option and
4. That's it.. enjoy the game ...
the game's kinda laggybut playable..

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mike V Skateboard Party HD

The only 3D skateboarding game
available on the Android Platform!
Complete achievements, gain
experience and upgrade your skaters.
Customize your outfits, shoes, board,
trucks, wheels and bearings.
Challenge skaters from all over the
world using the online leaderboards.

Get it here :

                    APK : LINK


1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y or any
QVGA ARMv6 android device and
install chainfire 3D.. If you don't know
what rooting is or how to root or if
you want chainfire 3D,, click here

2. Download and install the apk file..

3. Open chainfire 3D and select
'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick
both 'reduce texture quality' and
'reduce texture size' options.. Now,
select 'use plugin' option and select

4. That's it.. enjoy the  awesome game...

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Xperia Play Optimized (The first
PlayStation™ Certified Android
Complete over 25 achievements to
unlock new items and locations. Gain
experience to upgrade your favorite
skater’s attributes to perform better
and achieve higher scores.
Practice and improve your
skateboarding skills without any
Select between 8 characters and
customize each of them to your
preference. From outfits to shoes,
choose your favorite gear. A massive
collection of boards, trucks, wheels
and bearings are available including
items from Airwalk, Powell & Peralta,
Bones, Tork Trux and Iron Fist
Over 40 unique tricks to master and
hundreds of combinations. Follow the
tutorial to get started and progress as
you go. Execute the craziest combos
and trick sequences to rack up some
impressive high scores, gain
experience and make a name for
New fully customizable control
system; configure your own buttons
layout and adjust the opacity. Use the
right or left handed control mode,
select a control preset or create your
own. Use the analog stick or
accelerometer option as you wish.
Adjust your truck tightness to change
your steering sensitivity.
• The only HD Skateboarding game
available on the market.
• New, fully customizable control
• Learn over 40 tricks, create hundreds
of combinations.
• Massive skateboard locations to ride
including a community center, motel,
downtown plaza, junkyard, indoor
skatepark and vert ramp.
• Customize your skater or board with
tons of exclusive content including
outfits, shoes, boards, trucks, wheels
and bearings. Select from your
favorite brands including Airwalk,
Powell & Peralta, Tork Trux and Iron
Fist Clothing.
• Gain experience and upgrade your
skater’s attributes.
• Achievements & leaderboards.
• Share your results with your friends
on Facebook or Twitter.
• Soundtrack by Conditions &
Revolution Mother.
• Universal version for Android
phones and tablets
No other skateboarding game is
available in HD. Mike V: Skateboard
Party includes next generation
graphics specially optimized for your
mobile hardware to provide you with
the best skateboarding experience on
Android phone

Thursday, 16 August 2012


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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Spiderman Total Mayhem HD

Finally, here's a high definion game from the series of spiderman that is working without lagging on Samsung Galaxy Y .... take down street frauds and super villains like sandman, Venom, green gobline..... all in HD...

                 NEEDS ROOT

                    APK : LINK

             SD DATA : LINK PART 1
                              LINK PART 2
                              LINK PART 3
                              LINK PART 4


1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y or any
QVGA ARMv6 android device and
install chainfire 3D.. If you don't know
what rooting is or how to root or if
you want chainfire 3D,, click here

2. Download and install the apk file.
launch the game and it will ask you to download 347 mb data... start the download and let it continue for some minutes... now, download and extract the data files (extract using pc... wont work if you extract with phone) and you will get a folder named GloftSMHP.. Open this folder and move all the files and folders to /sd card/gameloft/games/GloftSMHP ..

3. Open chainfire 3D and select
'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick
both 'reduce texture quality' and
'reduce texture size' options.. Now,
select 'use plugin' option and select

4. That's it.. enjoy the  awesome game with HD spidy action...

Now, there is a bug that forces close on level 9..But dont worry...here's how to fix..

steps :

1. Download ES File explorer from
the market...open it..

2. touch the options
button and select settings...in settings,
tick the options "Up to root" , "Root
explorer", and mount file system...

3.Now,, with root explorer,, you will be
able to explore your phone memory... go
to : (phonememory)>system and select
built.prop ...use es note edittor to open
it... you have to edit it like this :
ro.product.manufacturer : HTC and
ro.product.model : HTC Desire

4. reboot ur
sgy ..

*you must edit the built.prop very carefully...
wrong editting can cause problems like
bootloops..make sure you dont delete
any apps or data in the phone memory
and PARTICULARLY in the system
folder...* ....enjoy the game..

Running Fred 3D

Finally,, running fred is here for armv6,,, the game is laggy right now but we will try to solve it soon 

                NEEDS ROOT

                APK : LINK (mediafire)

                          LINK  (Dropbox)


1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y or any QVGA ARMv6 android device and install chainfire 3D.. If you don't know
what rooting is or how to root or if
you want chainfire 3D,, click here

2. Download and install the apk file.

3. Open chainfire 3D and select
'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick
both 'reduce texture quality' and
'reduce texture size' options.. Now,
select 'use plugin' option and select

4. That's it.. enjoy the game ...

Fred is back with a gory host of
awesome acrobatic moves, skills and
The anticipated sequel to Falling Fred
is here!
Fred is back with a new host of painful
antics, awesome acrobatic/desperate
moves, special items and uber-cool
Take control of our hapless hero as
he pursues his quest to remain
among the living! Running Fred
combines ludicrously natural controls
and furiously paced action with the
shameless buckets of gore praised on
its prequel, making up a fantastic third
person platformer unparalleled on
mobile devices!
Main Features:
- Lots of acrobatic maneuvers
- Dozens of perilous traps
- Multiple game modes: Adventure,
Challenge and our favourite Endless
- Tons of special skills and perks
- Lot of characters to choose from!
- Pimp up your character with special
- Keep your progress across all your
What reviewers say:
"New Running Game With Unexpected
Gore Thrill Your Nerves" –
"Running Fred is an excellent game
with lots of things to do. It’s free and I
highly recommend it." - App'd Up
"Bloody Brilliant!" - iFanzine
"The sheer amount of content,
replayability and fun that comes from
deftly avoiding trap after trap is
phenomenal" - AppSpy
"For gamers who like runner-games,
this game is easily a 5 out of 5 stars
game" - fabela-imag
"Those who love Falling Fred, just love
the running Fred, the anticipated
sequel to Falling Fred." - Best10App
What's new in this new version:
. The 3000m freeze bug was fixed
(Survival Mode only)
. Two characters were added (Pirate
Fred and Pip Fred)
. Many prices on the shop were
reduced and balanced

TuneIn Radio Pro 0.99$

TuneIn is a new way to listen to
music, sports and news from every
corner of the earth, with over 60,000 radio stations and 2 million on- demand programs INCLUDING INDIAN. The Pro version of this service lets you record all of this to your Android phone or tablet.
"For music lovers, TuneIn Radio Pro
could be the best 99 cents you've ever
spent." - USA Today
"Should you purchase TuneIn Radio
Pro? Unquestionably, yes." – PCMag
"TuneIn has become a powerhouse
in streaming music." – Gigaom
"TuneIn Radio Pro is a must-have app
for any radio fan." – AppAdvice
With TuneIn Radio Pro, you can:
★ Search for a song, artist or show to
find radio stations around the world
playing it live
★ Record, pause and rewind any
station as you listen *Pro Exclusive!*
★ Tune in to CBS, ESPN, TEDTalks and
★ Add stations and songs to your
★ Wake up with the alarm clock. Fall
asleep with the sleep timer
★ Play your programs in the
background while you use other apps

Friday, 10 August 2012

4x4 Safari 3D

What happens in front of you is only
half the story.

awesome FPS hunting HD game...

Get it here :

                    APK : LINK

➤ Explore Play - Roam Freely without
➤ More Animals than other games: 11
Animals :-
Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Zebras,
Doves, Reedbucks, Monkeys,
Meerkats, and Crocodiles.
➤ Unlock 4 New Animals & Elephant
➤ Stunning Full 360 degrees deep
➤ 3 Game modes as you drive
through Lake,
Oasis, Canyon and Suvannah
➤ Powerful Zoom Scope/Bullet
Tracking those
Deadly accurate WOW kills.
➤ Unlock 11 Trophies
➤ Realistic True 3D arcade Hunting
➤ Original authentic Safari Soundtrack/
➤ Addictive intense non-stop action

Thursday, 9 August 2012

100 floors

★★★ Apple App Store's #1 game is

get it here :

                   APK : LINK

Challenge Yourself and see if you can
make it to the TOP!
Advance to the next floor by solving
the puzzle!
90 levels of puzzles are waiting to be
solved! More levels on the way.
Follow us on twitter @100_Floors for
the latest news and updates!
↗ Addicting mini puzzles!
↗ Complete utilization of your devices
↗ Gorgeous graphics and different
themed floors!
↗ Constant updates of New Floors!
↗ it’s FREE!
Contact us if you have problems or
comments with the app.
★★ How to play ★★
↗ Unlock the door to get the next
↗ To do that, pinch, poke, shake, tilt,
swipe the on-screen images, to find a
way to solve the puzzles.
↗ You can pick certain items up and
use them from your inventory.
↗ For the first floor, tap the screen
elevator button to open the door. Tap
the green arrow behind the door to
go to the next floor.
↗ For Floor2, swipe the trash can to
move it aside and tap the green arrow
button behind it. Tap the button in
your inventory and tap the grayed out
arrow above the red arrow. Tap the
green button once it is placed to open
the door.
↗ Hint for Floor 4: What is the
opposite motion of pinching?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bit Torrent Beta

The App you will find in google play is incompatible with Galaxy Y
Find torrents and download them
directly to your smartphone. From
Welcome to the first official BitTorrent
App for Android (Beta version 1.5).
Find torrents and download them
directly to your smartphone or tablet -
all with this handy torrent app from
the team that invented the BitTorrent
protocol over a decade ago. Subscribe
to RSS feeds, play content and more.
The first generation of this powerful
new app is designed to be easy-to-
use, super-fast, and make your
Android device so much more fun.
BitTorrent for Android (Beta) is
currently free, and best of all, there's
no speed or size limits! To get the best
performance and avoid running up
your data charges, we recommend
taking advantage of WiFi whenever
Because this is an early beta torrent
app version, your feedback is very
important to us. Please email us
directly if you have any problems or
requests. Thank you in advance!
Looking for a remote control for your
BitTorrent client on your home
computer? Check out BitTorrent
Remote for Android.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Traffic Panic London 3D

Awesome game,, but  gets graphics glitch sometimes but you will be able to see the continue button... Just click that and you will be able to play flawlessly...

Get it here :

                     APK : LINK

Instructions :

1. Root your samsung galaxy y or any QVGA ArmV6 android device and install chainfire 3D... If you don't know what rooting is or how to root or if you want chainfire 3D,, click here

2. Download and install the apk file.

3. Open chainfire 3D and select 'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick both 'reduce texture quality' and 'reduce texture size' options.. Now, select 'use plugin' option and select QUALCOMM.. Still, the game gets graphics glitch sometimes but you will be able to see the continue button... Just click that and you will be able to play flawlessly...

Will you control the Traffic or cause
total Panic?
The most chaotic traffic management
game ever comes to London!
Join over 4 MILLION fans who have
played the Traffic Panic series!
Tap to change the lights and get
points for safely crossing the traffic. If
you cause an accident prepare for
more points and an explosive
cinematic visual feast!
Explode Nelsons Column, collapse the
London Wheel or blow up Battersea!
Plus many more unique cinematic
Control the traffic lights across
London in the Classic, Historic and
Tourist stages. Plus earn interactive
new vehicles, such as the Hippie Van,
Car Transporter and Pizza Delivery
Control the traffic or cause total panic,
it’s up to you...

Aby Escape

Run Aby, Ruuuuuuuuuuun !!!
Help the poor Aby, the unluckiest and bumbling of the raccoons, to escape his pursuers. Wether hunters in his native forest, policemen in the city or bikers on the road 66.5, Aby never stop running to escape all dangers.

Get it here : 

                 APK : LINK

Unlimited mode
Slide, Jump and Speed to dodge all the obstacles in your ways. Collect coins and unlock tons of power-up. Make your best possible score and realize 50 exclusive challenge.
Story Mode
Run 30 unique challenges with unprecedented challenges: Football Stadium, Elephants, Trucks, …
Get an overview of the next update by completing story mode.
- 50 challenges in unlimited mode
- 30 levels in story mode
- Many enemies to sow or to avoid (hunters, cops, bikers, footballers, elephants, ...)
- Numerous power-ups available (Phantom, Magnet, Vie additional shield, ...)
- Items to unlock (characters, shoes, ...)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Need authors....

Ok guys,, now we need two authors to help us run the blog...if you are interested, like us on facebook and ask us there

Escape 2012

Known as temple run for ARMv6......it's free in play store but that version won't work..this version will..        

Get it here :

                    APK : LINK

Escape 2012 is a full 3D single-player
first person action-adventure mobile
game developed by Good Team
You are a runner called Lance who
need to escape from the 2012 world
end crash. The game has a brightly
coloured style and epic visual effect
which differs from almost other first-
person perspective games in allowing
for a wider range of actions to provide
you the real perspective feel to use
gesture and gravity sense — such as
jump forward, sliding on the ground
and fast turning across the corner.
Get the boost of speed and invisible to
stay alive in game or use the revive to
make a second chance to run for
your life. Magnet tool will help you to
collect the waters and engage your
energy to power up the actions. The
best endless and no repeat running
game which will bring you to love
every single run!

Mafia Diaries 3D

Try this one..if you like GTA and Gangstar, then i suppose you will like this..rooting not required install the apk and enjoy...

Get it here

                   APK : LINK

Complete missions on foot and by
vehicle, to become a made man.
East New York, Brooklyn, 1935. You
play the role of Jimmy 'the fish'
Carbone, an ageing down on his luck
gangster, who has just done a ten
stretch in the slammer.
Upon release, Tony Black, lead
member of the most powerful mob
family in New York takes you under his
wing and offers you a job opportunity.
Complete missions on foot and by
vehicle, to earn the trust of the family,
and to become a made man.
* Large 3D city environment with a
1930's Noir style theme
* Professional Voice Acting & 1930's
style Music
* 3D action and exploration from
both 3rd Person and First Person
* Full 3D City Environment

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III -- now on Android!
First released in 1990, Final Fantasy III
was the first title in the Final Fantasy
series to become a million-seller,
establishing once and for all that
Square Enix's classic RPG saga was
here to stay.
The full 3D remake released in 2006
duplicated the original's success,
selling over a million copies
Final Fantasy III was a hallmark of
innovation for the entire series, from
the job system that lets characters
change classes at any time to the
ability to summon powerful creatures
such as Shiva and Bahamut.
When darkness falls and the land is
robbed of light, four youths are
chosen by the crystals to set forth on
a journey to save the world.
Game Features
- New and improved 3D visuals and
story sequences only for Android
- Smooth, intuitive touch-panel
controls specifically tailored to Square
Enix's smartphone RPGs
- Quicker browsing through the
monster bestiary and other game
- New visual designs for the Job
Mastery Cards


1. Root your phone and download the following :

                         SD DATA : LINK
              LUCKY PATCHER : LINK

( i uploaded the data to 4shared and it will ask you to log in before you can download. if you dont have and dont want to create an account, just use this one :

id : forsgyusers@gmail.com

password : sgygoodies.tk

2. Download and extract the sd data
to /SD CARD/android/ ...

3. Download and install titanium

4. Download and extract the titanium backup files to /sd card/

5. Open Titanium backup and select
'restore / backup'. You will get the
whole list of your apps..find and select Final Fantasy III and a menu will appear.. In that, select restore and
another menu will appear.. select 'app + data' .. it will ask to install the game..
select install and after install, press

6. Now, open lucky patcher and find
and select ' Final Fantasy III '..
now, select open menu of patches
and select remove lisence
verification..then, on the menu that
appears, select 'auto true'..

7. And, there you go.. LAUNCH AND

Friday, 13 July 2012

Extreme Formula 3D

Here's another racing game...extreme formula is now out on armv6.. The game may be a little bit glitchy sometimes.. But that wont be a big problem.. Awesome game..Go For It..


Get it here :

                    APK : LINK

Where's My Perry

A nice funny refreshing game.. Nice graphics, funny gameplay and real physics....play with your brain..a real must-try..
                  APK : LINK