Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bit Torrent Beta

The App you will find in google play is incompatible with Galaxy Y
Find torrents and download them
directly to your smartphone. From
Welcome to the first official BitTorrent
App for Android (Beta version 1.5).
Find torrents and download them
directly to your smartphone or tablet -
all with this handy torrent app from
the team that invented the BitTorrent
protocol over a decade ago. Subscribe
to RSS feeds, play content and more.
The first generation of this powerful
new app is designed to be easy-to-
use, super-fast, and make your
Android device so much more fun.
BitTorrent for Android (Beta) is
currently free, and best of all, there's
no speed or size limits! To get the best
performance and avoid running up
your data charges, we recommend
taking advantage of WiFi whenever
Because this is an early beta torrent
app version, your feedback is very
important to us. Please email us
directly if you have any problems or
requests. Thank you in advance!
Looking for a remote control for your
BitTorrent client on your home
computer? Check out BitTorrent
Remote for Android.

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