Tuesday, 30 October 2012

【Android】UC Browser U3 Kernel Beta English

New Features: Intelligent Page
Redendring: You will like the website,
Browsing richer and more beautiful.
Smooth Zoom: automatic fold line
layout, support for multi-touch, www
and wap pages free to zoom,
intelligent layout automatically adjust
according to Screen Size Read mode:
eliminating the need for trublesome
operation, page intelligent splicing
page, entire contents of next page at
the bottom on same page, you can
read in the history of management
records Forum mode: intelligently
detected & Forum page convert
suitable for mobile phones and other
small-screen mobile terminal
browser page, more provincial traffic, faster Figure mode: First flip-picture browsing, panoramic, Long press on picture, click to see pictures in zoom
Night mode: night mode, greatly
reduce the brightness of the page, to
protect your eyes.
Functional Optimization : 【Smooth
Browsing】: Kernel further optimized
and improved rendering efficiency,
solved swiping lags,  smooth
browsing,  to give lightning speed
browsing. 【Enhanced Stability】:
stability was significantly improved to effective solution to Background
crash, feel relaxed, no worries. 【UI
Optimization】: UI details further
optimized, So use of browser now
more beautiful! you will Fall in love
with your browser. Download :-
Click Here

Monday, 1 October 2012

Contract Killer HD

Get ready to be a contract killer...comes with awesome graphics..I bet you will like it..
              no rooting, no chainfire
Get it here :
                            APK : LINK
                   SD DATA : LINK
*extract the data file and you will get a folder. In that folder, there will be a folder named com.flu.gladiator.ck ..place this folder in /sdcard/android/data/ *
Description :
Enforcer or Assassin, call it what
you like - you're a CONTRACT
They might call you an enforcer, or
an assassin. Call it what you like -
Pulled into a world of bounty
hunters, mobsters and criminals,
you must check in with your
contacts and accept SECRET
MISSIONS that only you can
handle. Select your WEAPON OF
CHOICE from an inventory of sniper
rifles, assault rifles and machine
guns. Locate your target, zoom in,
take aim and GO FOR THE
HEADSHOT to earn cold hard cash.
You might eliminate a crime boss
and escape without being spotted,
or you might walk straight into an
Prepare for your mission and then
jump into one of many vantage
points within 5 gritty 3D locations
17 Story Missions and unlimited
Random Missions provide cash, XP
and lots of action
20 distinct weapons including
handguns, sniper rifles, machine
guns and assault rifles
Use the Tranquilizer Gun to
capture your target or put them
down... permanently

Greedy Spiders 2

Save the poor little bugs from the webs of cruel greedy spiders...a cool game to play with your brain...install the apk and enjoy

Get it here :

                          APK : LINK

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien : Xenodrome 3D

And now here is the long awaited game from ben 10 series...it's the time for you to "save the whole entire universe" ...comes with pretty cool graphics...
Get it here :
                          LINK : APK
                    NEEDS ROOT
1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y or
any QVGA ARMv6 android device
and install chainfire 3D
2. Download and install the apk
3. Open chainfire 3D and select
'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick
both 'reduce texture quality' and
'reduce texture size' options.. Now,
select 'use plugin' option and
4. That's it.. enjoy the game ...
the game's kinda laggybut playable..