Tuesday, 30 October 2012

【Android】UC Browser U3 Kernel Beta English

New Features: Intelligent Page
Redendring: You will like the website,
Browsing richer and more beautiful.
Smooth Zoom: automatic fold line
layout, support for multi-touch, www
and wap pages free to zoom,
intelligent layout automatically adjust
according to Screen Size Read mode:
eliminating the need for trublesome
operation, page intelligent splicing
page, entire contents of next page at
the bottom on same page, you can
read in the history of management
records Forum mode: intelligently
detected & Forum page convert
suitable for mobile phones and other
small-screen mobile terminal
browser page, more provincial traffic, faster Figure mode: First flip-picture browsing, panoramic, Long press on picture, click to see pictures in zoom
Night mode: night mode, greatly
reduce the brightness of the page, to
protect your eyes.
Functional Optimization : 【Smooth
Browsing】: Kernel further optimized
and improved rendering efficiency,
solved swiping lags,  smooth
browsing,  to give lightning speed
browsing. 【Enhanced Stability】:
stability was significantly improved to effective solution to Background
crash, feel relaxed, no worries. 【UI
Optimization】: UI details further
optimized, So use of browser now
more beautiful! you will Fall in love
with your browser. Download :-
Click Here

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