Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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Escape 2012

Known as temple run for ARMv6......it's free in play store but that version won't work..this version will..        

Get it here :

                    APK : LINK

Escape 2012 is a full 3D single-player
first person action-adventure mobile
game developed by Good Team
You are a runner called Lance who
need to escape from the 2012 world
end crash. The game has a brightly
coloured style and epic visual effect
which differs from almost other first-
person perspective games in allowing
for a wider range of actions to provide
you the real perspective feel to use
gesture and gravity sense — such as
jump forward, sliding on the ground
and fast turning across the corner.
Get the boost of speed and invisible to
stay alive in game or use the revive to
make a second chance to run for
your life. Magnet tool will help you to
collect the waters and engage your
energy to power up the actions. The
best endless and no repeat running
game which will bring you to love
every single run!

Mafia Diaries 3D

Try this one..if you like GTA and Gangstar, then i suppose you will like this..rooting not required install the apk and enjoy...

Get it here

                   APK : LINK

Complete missions on foot and by
vehicle, to become a made man.
East New York, Brooklyn, 1935. You
play the role of Jimmy 'the fish'
Carbone, an ageing down on his luck
gangster, who has just done a ten
stretch in the slammer.
Upon release, Tony Black, lead
member of the most powerful mob
family in New York takes you under his
wing and offers you a job opportunity.
Complete missions on foot and by
vehicle, to earn the trust of the family,
and to become a made man.
* Large 3D city environment with a
1930's Noir style theme
* Professional Voice Acting & 1930's
style Music
* 3D action and exploration from
both 3rd Person and First Person
* Full 3D City Environment

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III -- now on Android!
First released in 1990, Final Fantasy III
was the first title in the Final Fantasy
series to become a million-seller,
establishing once and for all that
Square Enix's classic RPG saga was
here to stay.
The full 3D remake released in 2006
duplicated the original's success,
selling over a million copies
Final Fantasy III was a hallmark of
innovation for the entire series, from
the job system that lets characters
change classes at any time to the
ability to summon powerful creatures
such as Shiva and Bahamut.
When darkness falls and the land is
robbed of light, four youths are
chosen by the crystals to set forth on
a journey to save the world.
Game Features
- New and improved 3D visuals and
story sequences only for Android
- Smooth, intuitive touch-panel
controls specifically tailored to Square
Enix's smartphone RPGs
- Quicker browsing through the
monster bestiary and other game
- New visual designs for the Job
Mastery Cards


1. Root your phone and download the following :

                         SD DATA : LINK
              LUCKY PATCHER : LINK

( i uploaded the data to 4shared and it will ask you to log in before you can download. if you dont have and dont want to create an account, just use this one :

id : forsgyusers@gmail.com

password : sgygoodies.tk

2. Download and extract the sd data
to /SD CARD/android/ ...

3. Download and install titanium

4. Download and extract the titanium backup files to /sd card/

5. Open Titanium backup and select
'restore / backup'. You will get the
whole list of your apps..find and select Final Fantasy III and a menu will appear.. In that, select restore and
another menu will appear.. select 'app + data' .. it will ask to install the game..
select install and after install, press

6. Now, open lucky patcher and find
and select ' Final Fantasy III '..
now, select open menu of patches
and select remove lisence
verification..then, on the menu that
appears, select 'auto true'..

7. And, there you go.. LAUNCH AND

Friday, 13 July 2012

Extreme Formula 3D

Here's another racing game...extreme formula is now out on armv6.. The game may be a little bit glitchy sometimes.. But that wont be a big problem.. Awesome game..Go For It..


Get it here :

                    APK : LINK

Where's My Perry

A nice funny refreshing game.. Nice graphics, funny gameplay and real physics....play with your brain..a real must-try..
                  APK : LINK


Here's the most amazing racing game... You can't find a racing game better than this one.. It was already working samsung galaxy y but was difficult to configure and touchscreen was not at all accurate.. But this time, it's coming 100% bug free... THIS IS A MUST-TRY GAME.. GIVE IT A TRY, EVERYONE..
                NEEDS ROOT
Get it here :
                     APK : LINK

1. Root your galaxy y or any QVGA ARMv6 Android device and install Chainfire 3D.. If you don't know what rooting is or how to root or if you want chainfire 3D, click here...

2. Download and install the apk file.

Download and extract the SD DATA PART 1 to /sdcard/android/data/ ..and extract part 2 to the same folder..a menu will appear asking whether to replace files with same names..just selet 'yes to all'...

3. Open Chainfire 3D and select 'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick the option 'Reduce texture quality' and then select 'use plugin' option and select 'QUALCOMM'....

4. Launch and enjoy NFS Hot Pursuit without any bugs..

Monday, 9 July 2012

Race, Stunt, Fight HD

Here's another awesome game woth stunning ultra cool graphics.....a real 3 in 1 game...you can race + use your skills + fight the other racers at a same time... Awesome game.. The best bike racing game i have ever played on my Samsung Galaxy Y.....


                   LINK : APK

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Aftermath XHD

Alone in the big city full of aggressive zombies.... Here's another HD game full of scary adventure... Show your courage and skills by attacking the zombies using torch, pistol or grenide or save yourself from the scary igly zombies.. Attack or run..it's your choice.. Awesome game..must try


*please note that you wont be able to see the charecter while playing.. But i promise that have no bad effects on gaming*

                   APK : LINK


1. Root your samsung galaxy y or any other QVGA ARMv6 android device.. If you don't know what rooting is or how to root, click here.

2. Now, download and insall Lucky patcher..

3. Download and install the apk and then, open lucky patcher and find the game AFTERMATH XHD.. Select the game and a menu will appear... In that, select the option 'open menu of patches' and select 'remove lisence verification'..

4. Launch and enjoy the game...

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Kumho Tire Drive HD

Here's another HD racing game for non rooted users.. It comes with cool high quality graphics and the most interesting thing about this game is that you.can build a car yourself... It is a really great game and it is the best-suited game for the people who wants an HD racing game with their slow or data-limited internet connection because it is of a very small size comparing to the graphics it has..

Get it here :

                    LINK : APK

   No rooting, no chainfire..enjoy

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD

Here comes another awesome space battling game.. you are a bounty and you have to clean the pirates off the space...this game also comes with ultra cool graphics, thrilling sound effects and great adventure...

                                                                   NEEDS ROOT

Get it here :

                                                                      APK : LINK

                                                             SD DATA : LINK


1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y or any other QVGA ARMv6 android device and install chainfire 3D... If you don't know what rooting is or how to root or if you want chainfire 3D, click here...

2. Download and install the APK file and extract the sd data files to /sdcard/android/data/

3. Open chainfire 3D... Select 'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick 'Reduce texture quality'.. Now, select 'Use plugin' option and select 'QUALCOMM'..


*after launching the game, you can see that english is not set as the default language.. to change it to english, select the third option in the main menu, and now slect the third option again..now, you can see english at the top of the language list...select that and it's all done*

Monday, 2 July 2012

Brothers In Arms 2 HD

The best shooting game you can play on your samsung galaxy y... just like gameloft's other games, this one also comes HD graphics... another great game for action and adventure lovers...

                                                                       NEEDS ROOT

Get it here :

                                                                         APK : LINK
                                                                SD DATA : LINK

due to some problems, i couldn't use my netbook to upload the data files..i had to upload it using my phone..dropbox will easily break the links due to over traffic..so, i uploaded the data files to 4shared... so, you will have to log in to download the data files..if you don't have a 4shared account and you don't want to create one, you may use this id and password:

id : forsgyusers@gmail.com

password : sgygoodies.tk


1. Root your Samsung Galaxy y or any QVGA ARMv6 android device and install chainfire 3D.. If you don't know what rooting is or how to root, click here

2. Download and install the apk and extract the sd data files to /sdcard/gameloft/games/ ...

3. Open chainfire 3D and select default open_GL Settings.. now, tick the option 'reduce texture quality'.. and then select 'use plugin' (just below 'reduce texture size' option) and select QUALCOMM..

4. Launch and enjoy the game..

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Grabatron HD

one of the best games that does not require rooting...this game had always been one of my favorite..A very addictive game. What you have to do is to grab the puny humans and destroy them..... :D... All should try this... Comes with great graphics and both tilt and touch control ..ROOTING IS NOT NECESSARY BUT IF YOUR PHONE IS ROOTED, THEN GO TO CHAINFIRE 3D, SELECT 'Default Open_GL' Settings and select 'Use a plugin' and select 'QUALCOMM'...

                                                          rooting is not required

Get it here :

                                                                         APK : LINK

                                              this game costs rs: 125 in the play store