Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Escape 2012

Known as temple run for ARMv6......it's free in play store but that version won't work..this version will..        

Get it here :

                    APK : LINK

Escape 2012 is a full 3D single-player
first person action-adventure mobile
game developed by Good Team
You are a runner called Lance who
need to escape from the 2012 world
end crash. The game has a brightly
coloured style and epic visual effect
which differs from almost other first-
person perspective games in allowing
for a wider range of actions to provide
you the real perspective feel to use
gesture and gravity sense — such as
jump forward, sliding on the ground
and fast turning across the corner.
Get the boost of speed and invisible to
stay alive in game or use the revive to
make a second chance to run for
your life. Magnet tool will help you to
collect the waters and engage your
energy to power up the actions. The
best endless and no repeat running
game which will bring you to love
every single run!

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