Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mafia Diaries 3D

Try this one..if you like GTA and Gangstar, then i suppose you will like this..rooting not required install the apk and enjoy...

Get it here

                   APK : LINK

Complete missions on foot and by
vehicle, to become a made man.
East New York, Brooklyn, 1935. You
play the role of Jimmy 'the fish'
Carbone, an ageing down on his luck
gangster, who has just done a ten
stretch in the slammer.
Upon release, Tony Black, lead
member of the most powerful mob
family in New York takes you under his
wing and offers you a job opportunity.
Complete missions on foot and by
vehicle, to earn the trust of the family,
and to become a made man.
* Large 3D city environment with a
1930's Noir style theme
* Professional Voice Acting & 1930's
style Music
* 3D action and exploration from
both 3rd Person and First Person
* Full 3D City Environment

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