Sunday, 12 August 2012

Running Fred 3D

Finally,, running fred is here for armv6,,, the game is laggy right now but we will try to solve it soon 

                NEEDS ROOT

                APK : LINK (mediafire)

                          LINK  (Dropbox)


1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y or any QVGA ARMv6 android device and install chainfire 3D.. If you don't know
what rooting is or how to root or if
you want chainfire 3D,, click here

2. Download and install the apk file.

3. Open chainfire 3D and select
'Default Open_GL Settings' and tick
both 'reduce texture quality' and
'reduce texture size' options.. Now,
select 'use plugin' option and select

4. That's it.. enjoy the game ...

Fred is back with a gory host of
awesome acrobatic moves, skills and
The anticipated sequel to Falling Fred
is here!
Fred is back with a new host of painful
antics, awesome acrobatic/desperate
moves, special items and uber-cool
Take control of our hapless hero as
he pursues his quest to remain
among the living! Running Fred
combines ludicrously natural controls
and furiously paced action with the
shameless buckets of gore praised on
its prequel, making up a fantastic third
person platformer unparalleled on
mobile devices!
Main Features:
- Lots of acrobatic maneuvers
- Dozens of perilous traps
- Multiple game modes: Adventure,
Challenge and our favourite Endless
- Tons of special skills and perks
- Lot of characters to choose from!
- Pimp up your character with special
- Keep your progress across all your
What reviewers say:
"New Running Game With Unexpected
Gore Thrill Your Nerves" –
"Running Fred is an excellent game
with lots of things to do. It’s free and I
highly recommend it." - App'd Up
"Bloody Brilliant!" - iFanzine
"The sheer amount of content,
replayability and fun that comes from
deftly avoiding trap after trap is
phenomenal" - AppSpy
"For gamers who like runner-games,
this game is easily a 5 out of 5 stars
game" - fabela-imag
"Those who love Falling Fred, just love
the running Fred, the anticipated
sequel to Falling Fred." - Best10App
What's new in this new version:
. The 3000m freeze bug was fixed
(Survival Mode only)
. Two characters were added (Pirate
Fred and Pip Fred)
. Many prices on the shop were
reduced and balanced

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