Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Avatar HD

   And here's another HD game for
action and adventure lovers to add to their favourates... Avatar hd comes with great action and adventure with cool graphics and very smooth gameplay.. You must try this. Such a great game from gameloft ... But still, there are some little problems.. Dont
worry that dont ever effect the
gameplay. And the problems are :
1. You have to disable use packet data option in the mobile and network settings or put you phone in flight mode...THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you
don't, gameloft will detect the game as not an original copy and you won't
be able to play the game..
2. You will have to reinstall the game each time you play it..
                   NEEDS ROOT
                     APK : LINK
             SD DATA : LINK
Instructions :
1. Root your samsung galaxy y or any
qvga armv6 android device. If you
dont know what rooting is or how to
root or if you want chainfire 3D, click here
2. Install the APK file and extract the
data files to sd card/gameloft/games
3. Open chainfire 3D and select
default open_GL Settings and tick both
reduce texture quality and reduce
texture size... And then select load
plugin below reduce texture size
option and select POWERVR.
4. (IMPORTANT) Now, keep your
phone in flight mode or disable use
packet data option in mobile network settings.
5. Launch and enjoy the game.

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