Saturday, 9 June 2012

IBrowser Made In India

Discover the BEST way to browse the
internet on your Android device!
Over 10,000,000 Indians use iBrowser
every day. Download iBrowser to
Discover Everything on Mobile as it
was truly designed to be.
★ Get Amazing Videos, Ringtones,
Wallpapers, Games, Applications and
News and much more - just one click
★ The FASTEST, SMARTEST and most
SECURE mobile browser to access
thousands of hot sites!
1) “Less Typing, More Surfing” - Get to
your favourite content faster with
auto-complete url, pre-set speed dials
& bookmarks.
2) “Private Mode” - making your
browsing safe and secure from prying
3) “Download Manager” - offering the
fastest download speed and the most
effective file management.
4) “Share” - Sharing what you read to
your friends by long-pressing a
webpage/downloaded file.
5) “Night Mode” - protecting your eyes
when you read in the dark
6) “Multi-window Management” -
controlling or easily switching
between opened windows.
7) “QR Code” - finding what you want
by auto-scanning a QR code.
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